"About the Book"

Osiris Mandarin has collected, curated, and provided narrative context for thirteen poems from Sam the Clam's Cold War period (1962-1980). Each is accompanied by a beautiful photograph from Sam's own private diaries. 

Mandarin says, "This is the classic hero's journey in poetry, prose -- and in photos". 

According to one reviewer, "The theme of this book is the unreliability of memory and the power of words. Life is etched in words. Sketched in words. Wretched in words. Rhyming words. Sam the Clam had a way with words. Some say he lost his way with words. He liked to play with words". 

You cannot understand Sam the Clam and his life without this book. You cannot appreciate the Cold War fully without this book. 

This is a book to be read aloud. You must engage with the work. As Mandarin says in his introduction, "You need to do the work".

Below you can read Sam the Clam: Poems 1962-1980 in entirety. The original physical book (first published in 1989) is 8x10 inches and set in landscape. The images and words are spread across adjacent pages. Therefore, the"e-book" version is best viewed on larger screens (two pages at a time). Viewing single pages on a small phone screen is not the way to read this book -- likely you will see it one page at a time and the book will not speak to you properly. 

And, again, as Osiris Mandarin says in the introduction, the book is best read aloud. Don't be ashamed to read it loudly wherever you are now. Osiris would.  Sam would. 

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